The Above Average Duckling setlist for April 20 2018:

Weezer - Long Time Sunshine Elan Noon - Unwise The Music Tapes - The Big Beautiful Shops (It's Said That It Could Be Anyone) The Music Tapes - Spare the Dark Streets Mac DeMarco - Let My Baby Stay Open Relationship - Fenton Treeby Lily Frost - Pantomime Kiran Ahluwalia - Saat Seven Sandra Sutter - Love Touch pooched - ribs Yess Woah - Committed to Quiet Change Die Mannequin - Children With Machetes Mr. Bungle - Love is a Fist Hag Face - Rip It Peach Kelli Pop - Pitch Black Peach Kelli Pop - Shine Peach Kelli Pop - Rocky Mountains Peach Kelli Pop - Los Angeles Peach Kelli Pop - Crooked & Crazy Peach Kelli Pop - Drugstore Symbol of Happiness The Mountain Goats - No Children Ween - Push Th' Little Daisies They Might Be Giants - Someone Keeps Moving My Chair They Might Be Giants - I Haven't Been Right Yet X-Ray Visionaries - Thank You For Listening No Seriously Jonathan Coulton - Mr. Fancy Pants Charlotte Cardin - Dirty Dirty Lemon Demon - Cabinet Man Primus - Tragedy's a' Comin' Tough Customer - Secretly the Mayor Never Betters - Frustrating Song Kate Nash - Life in Pink Winter - Zoey