The Above Average Duckling setlist for May 25 2018:

Install a Friend - Shake It Primus - Spegetti Western The Offspring - Da Hui Weezer - Everyone Tricia Edwards - Bernie's Tune Deanne Matley - Sugar Deanne Matley - My Favourite Distraction Adrian Teacher & the Subs - So Choked Hazy - Home Alone Cub - The Day We Met Randy Newman - Last Night I Had a Dream Los Straitjackets - Mercury Sunny Day Real Estate - Sometimes The Lay Awakes - Press Play Jaunt - Best Case Frog Eyes - Pay for Fire They Might Be Giants - The Bullies Violent Femmes - Girl Trouble Lemon Demon - A Mask of My Own Face Tama Hills - Anxiety Rayleigh - Halfmoon Bay Teenage Wedding - Disinhibiting Stimuli Teenage Wedding - Wow! Signal Peach Kelli Pop - Hello Kitty Knife Peach Kelli Pop - Honey Peach Kelli Pop - Black Magic Peach Kelli Pop - Parasomnia Peach Kelli Pop - Quiet Peach Kelli Pop - Black Cat 13 Peach Kelli Pop - King Size Peach Kelli Pop - Don't Push Me Peach Kelli Pop - Cherry (That's Not Her Real Name) Peach Kelli Pop - Skylight Tough Customer - Secretly the Mayor