The Above Average Duckling setlist for October 19 2018:

Jerry - Roundarock Sparks - Profile Poppy - I'm Poppy Green Day - Maria The Meringues - Little Bit Miss World - Not Quite a Lady Helena Deland - Rise that dog. - Hawthorne Violent Femmes - In Style The Vestibules - Something's Wrong with Gilligan's Island Lemon Demon - Ancient Aliens Randy Newman - Putin XTC - Dear God Jock Tears - Bad Boyz Jock Tears - Neil Young Jock Tears - Jock Tears Jock Tears - Life's a Beach Smithy Ramone - Stuff You Can't See Smithy Ramone - Werewolf Baby Smithy Ramone - Magic Leather Jacket Smithy Ramone - French Kiss They Might Be Giants - The Poisonousness Peach Kelli Pop - Society of Enoch King Crimson - Thela Hun Ginjeet Ora Cogan - Crickets Elan Noon - Could It Be? The Plodes - Chain of Command Primus - Over the Electric Grapevine Ozma - Blue Love Ben Folds Five - Video Killed the Radio Star Dead Soft - I'm Afraid