The Above Average Duckling setlist for September 08 2017:

Julia Nunes - Odd Kip Timos - The Pursuit of Cherries Elvis Costello - Lip Service Ozma - Heartache vs. Heartbreak Henry Mancini - Two for the Road, Main Title Thundercat - Song for the Dead Fernanda Cunha - Angela Inland Island - Red Rover Miss Eaves - Hump Day Timing X - Borders Bikini Kill - Star Bellied Boy The Residents - We Stole This Riff Green Day - At the Library Ben Folds Five - Underground Sparks - Thanks But No Thanks That Poppy - Altar BBQT - High Wasted BBQT - Too Late BBQT - Hawaii BBQT - Your Band Jack Off Jill - Girlscout The Tuts - 1982 Mac DeMarco - Goodbye Weekend Karly Summers - Play It Again Ween - Happy Colored Marbles They Might Be Giants - Icky Group X - Peanuts (Toot Toot) Lemon Demon - Ode to Crayola Lemon Demon - Rainwater Lemon Demon - Smell Like a Cookie All Day Fortune Killers - Medicine Vanille - Tangerine Living Colour - F.O.X. Primus - Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread Hank Robot & the Ethnics - For You and Me Shonen Knife - Quavers Mo Kenney - Unglued